Music Therapy

With whom do you work? 

Here at A Sound Agency, we specialize our music therapy services young children (preschool or younger), and adults in skilled nursing or assisted living facilities. 


What do you do in a music therapy session?

Each music therapy session is tailored to the individual(s), to address their individual needs. We incorporate preferred music, age appropriate music, and sometimes original music composed by the music therapist and/or the individual. We often provide music live, but also incorporate recorded music when appropriate. Instrument playing, musical games, and any other sort of purposeful musical interaction is used to accomplish goals set for the individuals in sessions.


Why music therapy?

Music is a unique medium for therapy to occur. It can be there for passive participation, active participation, on an individual level, and in a group setting. It can be used to engage several senses at once (sound, touch, sight, proprioception).

For young children, music therapy is a great way to work on verbalization skills, gross and fine motor skills, positive social skills, emotional regulation, and to enhance their learning. To read more about how music therapy can benefit young children, please click HERE.

For adults in assisted living or skilled nursing facilities, music therapy is a great way to increase positive social interactions, decrease isolation, increase stimulation of the senses, decrease depression, decrease anxiety, increase life review, increase mental stimulation, increase pain management strategies, and more. To read more about how music therapy can benefit adults with dementia, please click HERE.

If you are interested in learning how music therapy techniques can be used during pregnancy, labor, and childbirth, please visit our sister site: