Music Lessons

All instrument lessons include instruction on

  • Reading Music

  • Proper instrument techniques

  • Music theory

  • Ear training

  • Improvisation

This happens throughout the course of the students' training. The amount of time spent with each topic depends on the student's interest and ability.

The first music book is provided to the student free of charge. A Sound Agency will also provide notebooks for the student, so they know what they are expected to practice from lesson to lesson. The student is to bring both their music and their notebooks to each lesson.

Lessons Offered






Music Theory

Personalized Practice Videos

Everybody learns differently. Some people find it helpful to have a video while they practice to help them understand their practice material. At A Sound Agency, we are happy to help fill this need for your particular learning style! Each video is individualized for the student. Below is an example of a practice video used by a student of A Sound Agency:

Studio Policies and Procedures

Yearly Calendar:

Lessons are offered throughout the year, according to your needs, desires, and the teacher’s availability.

2 recitals are held each year, in Spring and Fall. 

The next recitals will be:

Saturday, November 3, 2018, 2pm

Desert Cove Nursing Center

1750 W Frye Road,Chandler, AZ 85224

Sunday,November 4, 2018, 3pm

Westminster Village

12000 N 90th St Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Saturday, November 10, 2018, 10am

Friendship Village

2525 E Southern Ave Tempe, AZ 85282

 As each recital gets closer, the teacher will send out reminders with details of the event and expectations of students. 


Students are expected to practice in between lessons. Practice is necessary to better understand their practice materials, and to advance on their instrument. The amount of practicing required varies from student to student, but should be no less than 10 minutes on 3 days, totaling 30 minutes weekly. Students are highly encouraged to participate in one or both of the yearly recitals, but is not required. 

Parents/Guardians are welcome to stay and observe each lesson, if desired.

Books and Materials:

The teacher will provide the student’s notebooks for reminders of what to practice. The teacher will also provide the first music book, free of charge. All other books and music are the student’s responsibility. The teacher will provide recommendations of what music and books to purchase. Any illegal method of acquiring music is not condoned or encouraged by this studio.


Laura is a wonderful piano teacher. My nine year old daughter looks forward to her lessons every week. Laura is kind and patient...she makes the lessons fun. We are very happy that we found Laura!
Laura was patient, kind and went above and beyond. Extremely pleased with the lesson.
— Rob B.
I’m trying to understand rhythm and it takes me a while to understand the message so far She’s a really patient lady. She asks me if I have any question and she recaps so I don’t forget.
— Cesar I.
I couldn’t have asked for a better piano teacher for my 9 year old granddaughter. Laura is such an upbeat, patient teacher who inspires so much enthusiasm. My granddaughter had never had a lesson on the piano or ukulele before and made excellent progress. She was looking out the window 20 minutes before the lesson to see when Laura was arriving!
— Linda B.
I’m really glad Laura was my very first guitar teacher. I learned a lot of practice exercises and a few cool little fun things. She was patient and helped with my confidence. I recommend her if you are a beginner like me.
— Brandon G.
Aliyah really loved working with Laura and wanted the class to be longer! :) She can’t wait to do more.
— Christy A.
My daughter is extremely excited about her piano lesson every week. Laura is adaptive and providing the groundwork for finger coordination, reading music, recognizing notes AND making it fun. My daughter loves it!
— Gretl B.
Knowledgeable, professional, personalizing the training to my skill level. I am very happy to have Laura as my teacher.
— Malgosia C.